Valentine's Day with Colway International!

Valentine's Day with Colway International!

To love is to care for the happiness of another person.

Make, that on 14th of February, on Valentine’s Day, your loved one will feel special!

And how to do it? Sometimes a small thing is enough... A few words from the heart + a small gift from Colway International and success is guaranteed! ?

Here are the special offers we have prepared especially for Valentine's Day:

A protective lipstick or a lip gloss is always a good choice, especially in winter, when lips need protection against cold and wind, therefore:

give Her Angel lips - lip gloss with a wonderful, delicate, pink colour, in a super-price -15%*,

and give Him Collagen Lip Care - our bestseller, a set of 3 collagen lipsticks - also - 15%*

* the offer is available from the status of: Unregistered Customer

For the sake of the great condition of the skin - its illumination and relief, we have for you:

Set - Double C glow skin drops + Good night skin drops face serum -15% *

And if you especially care for the health of your loved ones give them:

Set - Colmega 3 pcs for the price of 2 pcs*

All our Valentine's Day offers can be found in the SPECIAL OFFERS tab.

Offer available:


(4/22 QW - 6/22 QW)

* the offer is available from the status: Registered Customer

Celebrate Valentine's Day with Colway International!

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